Sunday, August 8, 2010


my back yard

My aparment is 2 stories; the kitchen, living room and bathroom are on the first floor, then I have 2 tatami mat rooms on the 2nd floor. It's biiiig, I don't know how I will fill it all by myself! I live at the bottom of a big hill and have a big forest behind me.

Omura is great! Apparently it's considered to be rural, however, I'd relate it more to Ann Arbor than Dowagiac . The town is quite laid back and everyone so far is friendly. I'm contracted by the Board of Education, which is super relaxed and the other new ALT and I don't have to go into work for 2 weeks! Most people started the day after they arrived!

My experience with the plumber: My shower was leaking a little and my washer needed to be hooked up so the plumber came. Not only was the appointment for one set time, he was early.

It's really hot and humid. When I don't have the air conditioner on in my house, everything feels damp. I'm lucky because I have an air conditioner on both floors, I've heard that others just have one on the first floor, so a lot of them have been sleeping in their living rooms. I don't even use it at night, it's not too hot to sleep if I have the windows open.

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