Thursday, March 12, 2009


One of the dishes with dinner consisted of 4-5 inch long whole fried fish. I ate one. It was fishy and oily but wasn't completely disgusting. I didn't eat a second one. Instead, a ate more cucumbers... mmm. But I didn't dip them in mayonnaise like everyone else. That's just gross.

I got my kettai! It only took 3 hours of waiting to get the phone in my hand, and another 3 hours for it to be activated. Yay being able to know what time it is again! Yay being able to contact people! Yay Kettai! (It's a boring bar phone. It's white. I put a red monkey dangly on it. Seeing that most of JSP has the same phone in either white or black, it needed to be personalized.) At least I got to catch up on Naruto and spend quality bonding time with my classmates.

I went into a drug store today with the goal of buying face wash, since I inconveniently left mine in the Kawagoe hotel. I found "cleanse oil" and "face foam". I'm pretty sure I was in the right aisle, but I didn't buy it because I didn't have room in my bag and didn't want to carry it around all day. Then due to the kettai drama I forgot to go on the way home.

My friend Lucy and I went on an adventure through Kasumigaseki today. We wondered around until we stumbled upon a ramen shop. It was more expensive than we'd hoped, but since everything was in Japanese and there weren't prices anywhere, we had taken a chance. It was really tasty though. I didn't know what I was putting in my mouth most of the time, but it was good. I did eat a very flavorful mushroom (mama, be proud). After lunch we explored the "Great Depths" of Kasumigaseki. Upon our travels we met many strange objects (visible on picasa or fb) and Joe (who was on his way to the station). While trying to get back to school/ failing miserably and almost getting lost within the jungle of residential streets, we came upon a playground. Now this wasn't any normal playground. There was a hippo and a dog to sit on and the jungle gym was shaped like a space ship. Japanese Space Program here I come! We eventually made it back to school, no thanks to unmarked dead ends and twisty turny roads, but many thanks to the fact that Kasumigaseki is kind of small and only has a few "big" roads. And by big I mean it has a stop light once in awhile.

I ate an apple today. It was delicious.

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