Saturday, March 21, 2009


◆ Japanese Film class is pretty cool so far. We've watched some silent films and silent animated shorts.
◆ I had a pretty sensible conversation with my little sister today about what time she's going to bed, what time I'm waking up and about the times of my classes tomorrow. yay! better each day. We also spent about half an hour playing with my photobooth application on my computer. She was amazed. There's a similar application on her Nintendo DS.
◆ I went to aerobics with okaasan today. it was great. the other ladies were so fun and nice. it was also really nice to workout. The first half was relatively tough aerobics-y stuff, then the second half was hiphop dancing and yoga. Really, the hip hop dancing made me feel like I was showchoir again. Not my forte.
◆ I saw a Honda Odessey commercial where George Clooney gets out of the car and pumps gas. There's some nihongo words written on the screen. I thought it was hilarious.
◆ I was walking down the stairs (by myself mind you) and I hit my elbow. Instead of saying "ouch!" i said "itai!"

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