Monday, June 1, 2009

I stayed up all night to watch the Champions League final last week which turned out to be not as exciting as I'd hoped, but I won $5.

I went to Yokohama again yesterday. This time I went Chinatown and The Ramen Museum.

Chinatown was pretty cool, LOTS of food everywhere. I had a pork bun, which was HUGE and delicious. Otherwise, it was just like the one in LA or San Francisco, but bigger.

The Ramen Museum was pretty much amazing. The museum part was not that interesting, mostly because it was in all Japanese so I got nothing out of it. The food area though, was something completely different. It's a replica of Japan in the 50s (it's the first food amusement park in the world). They went around the country to find famous, long established ramen restuarants and got their recipes and opened 9 little "shops" in this museum. So you can go around and pick which famous ramen you want. Each place has the choice of a regular bowl (which is huge) and a mini bowl (which is still lots of food). I got a mini bowl at the first place I went to which was miso ramen with tons of garlic. It was soooo tasty. Then I split a mini of tonkatsu ramen, (which has a pork broth), that too was soooo tasty, yet completely different. It was so hard to choose which kinds to eat.

It's hard to believe that the semester is only three weeks from ending!

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