Friday, April 19, 2013

The Bike Saga Continued: The Return of Cecelia

I got a call at school the other day, in one of the brief moments I was sitting at my desk. It was the main police station, they found my bike!

When I arrived there, I walked up to the main desk and all I had to say was "Watashi no jitensha..."  (So, my bike...) and they said "Akasu-san desuka?" (Are you Ms.Akcasu?) and a lady in the back jumped up.

I had to fill out more papers (no mistakes this time, phew), sign two papers for each working brake of my bike (so, one for the left hand brake, one for the right), and then I had to get fingerprinted. Every individual finger, four fingers together and my palm. Apparently, they looked for prints on the bike in order to possibly catch the thief.

About 45 minutes in, I got to ride Cecelia away and I took her to the park. No damage except the sticker of Omuranchan's face was scratched off.  Apparently the thief didn't like Omuranchan looking at him.

Whether all of the paperwork and signings and fingerprintings and crime scene investigation was necessary and added to their efficiency of finding my bike, I can't be sure- because it still seems a bit overkill. Regardless, they did a great job finding my bike and I'm grateful that missing bikes can be so high-up on their priority list- as the city (and country) lacks more dangerous crimes. In America, I don't think the police of most cities would concern themselves with something so trivial.

Also, I have some thoughts on the thief. The bike was found behind a hospital just a couple blocks from the station. I actually had to pass by the hospital on my way. I have three ideas about this guy:
1. He really needed to go to the hospital, but for some reason couldn't call one of the FREE ambulances.
2. He's actually a nice guy and felt bad about stealing my bike, so he dropped it off near the station, but didn't want to go through all of the paperwork of turning in a "lost item"- yes, there's plenty of forms for that as well.
3. He's not the smartest thief and didn't realize how close to the police station he left my registered bike.

The End.

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