Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I will miss...

I've lived here for five months, so of course I've taken a liking to some things and will miss them when I return to the Land of the Free. There are, of course, more things than I am able to list here and if I were to name them all you would probably die of dehydration before I could finish. Anyway, in no particular order:

  • My friends- I've made some great friends here and even though sometimes there are communication problems, they're really fun and my stay in Japan exponentially better.
  • My host family- they've become like actual family to me and I will miss them like family.
  • cheap karaoke
  • sitting on the train learning new kanji from the advertisements
  • neon lights
  • the conbini- for it's 24 hour service of delicious food, especially the inari, milk tea, lemon water, "turds", a large variety of bread products and candy. Thank you conbini for feeding me cheaply for the past 5 months.
  • cell phone charms- everyone from the youngest kids to the oldest men, if they have a cell phone, it most certainly will have a charm. A cute one at that.
  • The clear plastic brief cases carried by college students.
  • the size of novels, they're all small,thus easy to read on the train with one hand.
  • animated emiticons/other images used in cell phone mail
  • the unexplained joy I feel when the trains come to both sides of the platform at the same time
  • the music signaling closing doors on the Fukutoshin line, and the voice of the anouncer.
  • the train system in general.
  • old people smiling when they see me playing kendama
  • Japanese kids
  • sakura flavored food
  • vending machines everywhere
  • the signature sound of Kirin
  • Japanese tv (including commercials)
  • Foods: okonomiyaki, takoyaki, ohm rice, tendon, nikuman, curry (indian and japanese), yakisoba, my host mom's cooking, katsudon, spicy cucumbers
  • feeling safe all the time
  • Kichijoji and the bands that play there
  • Yamanote line
  • Kasumi and my favorite restaraunts there
  • TIU!
  • LOFT
  • UniQlo
  • Modern Design Tees
  • not understanding mostly everything around me, but trying to figure it out

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